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Site security

At FVF Security, we provide highly qualified and experienced security staff who are specifically trained to handle different construction sites. We offer bespoke security solutions designed to fit the specific requirements of each site, taking into account the environment, location and any potential risks that need to be addressed. We are equipped with the knowledge to help evaluate and implement appropriate strategies for optimal safety and protection.

We see every site as unique, and before starting work we assess the area with the supervisor and identify all the needs for a post-order that include all procedures and equipment required on site.

Site security duties can include:

  • Opening and unlocking construction site and site cabins
  • Patrolling the perimeter and identifying hazards, anti-social behaviour, crime, trespassing
  • Monitoring of CCTV and rapid response of threats
  • Access control: authorise entrance of people and vehicles
  • Secure exits, doors and windows
  • Traffic control procedures
  • Alarm response


We have been working with FVF for the past 2.5 years and look forward to be collaborating with the company on all our future projects. The operations here at Louie are quite complex as they have to manage two entrances, two restaurants, one bar and one private bar on four floors. Despite, dealing with high profile and difficult guests and situations, the team is always attentive, polite, patient, engaging and friendly. Their level of professionalism is outstanding on all levels. We constantly have positive feedback from guests praising the quality of our security team. Louie would not be the same without them.

Vanya Pavlides, Director of Operations, Louie

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