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Commercial security

FVF Security provides commercial security and facilities management to retail, office, industrial and car parking environments.

We are highly-trained security personnel available around-the-clock, well-equipped to carry out daily risk assessment; review safety measures, monitor CCTV surveillance, implement access control (door security, man traps, paper access logs) provide first aid assistance in times of need, conduct searches and identify emergency situations, and efficiently manage evacuation procedures if needed.

At FVF Security we are in charge of creating order from chaos whenever any new situation arises, and building a framework that can be replicated and reused for similar scenarios in the future. In this way, we help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively by addressing critical issues while simultaneously streamlining processes.

We pride ourselves on having trained personnel who ensure job integrity and support cross departmental collaboration for a common goal and solution.


We have been using FVF for a number of years to provide security staff as part of our day to day running of the shop floor and a range of private events. The staff provided has always been prompt with distinguished presence and well mannered. I would recommend their services to any company looking for professional security services.

Fidelio Vaz, Manager Staff International Branch.

FVF Hospitality

delivering highly qualified talent across London

Does your business employ professional hospitality services to provide the exceptional level of customer service that your clients deserve? From Back of House and Front of House services such as housekeeping, front desk, concierge, to assistants and managers.