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Residential security

Compared to the national crime rate, London's crime rate is at 78%. This number has increased by 4.5% when compared year-over-year in the period of December 2021 - November 2022.

Even though you may have done everything that is needed to ensure the safety of your home, like installing a CCTV and alarm system, it is no longer enough in our ever-evolving world. With the rising number of sophisticated criminals it is essential to take even more drastic measures to guarantee your family’s protection.

At FVF Security, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled level of professional services to our clients, providing highly-skilled and specialist security operatives, fire marshalls, and close protection staff to meet the needs of residential buildings in and around London.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your home and property remain safe and secure at all times, monitoring for suspicious activity, controlling access to property, responding quickly to any potential threats, conducting thorough visual inspections of the premises, monitoring for property leaks, screen staff bags, and providing a visible presence onsite.

Gazelli Art House

FVF never fail to deliver exceptional customer service; they are
reliable, presentable, and friendly. We are a professional gallery, and so
the bespoke security services offered by the FVF team mean we can trust our
high profile clients are well looked after

Laura Green, Gallery Manager

FVF Hospitality

delivering highly qualified talent across London

Does your business employ professional hospitality services to provide the exceptional level of customer service that your clients deserve? From Back of House and Front of House services such as housekeeping, front desk, concierge, to assistants and managers.