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Health and Safety Consulting

We have expanded our services to include comprehensive Health and Safety consulting. This strategic decision is in line with our mission to provide an all-inclusive approach to security, ensuring the safety and well-being of your staff, patrons, and assets.

Our Health and Safety Consulting Services:

  • Retail Establishments:
    • Risk assessments
    • Emergency response planning
    • Health and safety audits
  • Hospitality Industry:
    • Staff training on safety protocols
    • Fire safety inspections
  • Events Management:
    • Crowd control and evacuation planning
    • Emergency medical response coordination
    • Regulatory compliance checks
  • Hotels and Accommodations:
    • Guest safety guidelines
    • Health and safety policy development
    • Regular safety drills and training
  • Building and Construction Sites:
    • Site-specific risk assessments
    • Safety training for construction staff
    • Compliance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations

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